Friday, May 27, 2011

Bye Spokane!!

Why is it always my fault? Let me rephrase this. Why am I always in charge of the important paperwork and if I happen to misplace them or forget where I put them it's my fault? For example, for us to take Grace to England with us she had to have a new rabies and microchip put in. Then she was officially in her 6 months quarentine and the next step was to get a health certificate and send it off to the USDA to have all that paperwork endorsed. I had done all of those things and was feeling ahead of the game. But the night before the movers came we searched all over and couldn't find some of the paperwork. So I was frantically trying to get into the vet to get a new health certificate and now I get to send it off again and try to get it endorsed. So yes it is my fault but still......

A couple weeks ago we went to Port Orchard to spend time with Matt's family and it was a blast! We went to the game farm with Josh and Brooke and a zebra tried to eat our side mirror.

Then when we were feeding the animals, a seagull tried to steal bread from my hand and he practically flew in the car window. I literally felt his wing brush against my face! It have never been more terrified at the game farm! I have started to have flashbacks of scenes from the movie "The Birds".  But when has the game farm ever disappointed? Where else do you drive among yaks, zebras, deer, buffalo, llamas, and reindeer; and are encouraged to toss them bread?

We then went on a Seattle adventure with everyone.
Matt and I took Ty on his first carousel ride. He's in his carrier on Matt.
Then we had a bowling night and eventhough I suck at bowling it was a fun time!

How cute, we all match. Promise it was unintentional.

Ty loves bowling!! He had a blowout and boy was that fun to clean up. We went through all of his wipes. Luckily I had Brooke's help. It was a doosey.

Then we played minute to win it and it was hilarious!

And of course we played lots of games.

Tuesday night Matt took me to see Wicked and it was fabulous!! It's the second time we've seen it together. I'm so grateful he enjoys those type of things too.

So our adventure has begun. We are currently homeless. Crazy, I know. We're in Port Orchard for a few days and then we're off to Kentucky.

Here are some pics of our cute little boy. Can't get enough of him!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It Begins

Here I go, entering the blogging world with the help of a friend, Lucy. She is currently the only person who will be reading my blog but I've got to start somewhere. it goes.

How do you prepare to move half way across the world? Is it normal to feel anxious yet excited and just a little like you want to hide in your bedroom and never leave? We are saying farewell to the United States for 3 years in a little over a month. And will be living out of suitcases in only a couple weeks. My chest is tightening as I am thinking about it. Golly, it seems so real now that I'm typing it out. We're going to ENGLAND!!!

We will be living between London and Cambridge on this map. We will be 2 hours north of London and an hour away from Cambridge. We haven't decided which little village or town we'll be living in but the base Matt will be working at is Lakenheath AFB.

Another important part of our lives is Ty Payton Meeker who was born on February 16, 2011.

Now its 11.5 weeks later and Ty is SO big!! He weighs 15lbs and is 25inches long. He has brought so much joy into our lives it's incredible. I love his smiles and coos. He even laughed the other day (haven't been able to get him to do it since but...). I am so excited to show him off to my inlaws this next week. I'm sure they'll validate the feelings I have about him.

He is our little munchkin man!

He is also our superman! He loves to "fly" all over the place.

I love to cuddle with him.

He was our little Easter bunny.

We feel so blessed to have Ty in our lives. He truly is a miracle.

Our other child, our first child has been feeling very left out and I think she takes it out on her toys. Let me ask you...where's Waldo?

Yep, that's right. It used to be Waldo. With a head, body, arms, and legs. Unfortunately for him this little angel, our Gracie, felt he needed to die.

 And yes she did eat most of him. I have found this shirt, an arm (yes, just one), and his legs. Poor Waldo.

You know how I used to be obsessed with Didiers Frozen Yogurt? Not to say that I don't still LOVE Didiers and the fact that every week they change their flavors and that every Tuesday regular cups are half off. But, I have found a new replacement obsession and it is Froyo Earth.

They are self serve and they even let you serve your own samples. So you grab your cup, fill it with the flavor(s) you want and then top it with as much as you want of the loads of toppings they have; like cereal or nuts or reeses or...drum roll please...cheesecake bites! That's right. Little squares of cheesecake with grahamcracker crust. AMAZING!! All I can say is yum, yum, yummy! Then you just pay by weight. I think it's the coolest idea ever and I have forced Matt to go with me twice so far. I might've also pressured Landon and Lucy to go as well but they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Well, I've blabbed too much and there's so much to do. I will leave it at that and bid you adieu. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the urge to rhyme right there).